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What Makes Branson Beef Jerky Popular?

Branson Beef Jerky comes in 16 gourmet flavors. Our unique blend of herbs and spices make each tender jerky strip burst with flavor making our jerky both delicious and nutritious! In many cases, our recipes contain half the sodium of our competitors. We use only prime cuts of USDA choice beef that is both antibiotic and hormone free. Also, our jerky has no preservatives or MSG. Best of all, Branson Beef Jerky is still made the old fashioned way. We marinate each select cut letting the flavors soak in before slow cooking and drying while many of our competitors spray the flavor on. There’s just no substitute for the quality found in Branson Beef Jerky.

About Beef Jerky:

Jerky is a lean cut of marinated meat cut into thin strips and dried to prevent spoilage. Historically, jerky was prepared and cured by Indians, pioneers, cowboys and frontiersmen so they could benefit from the nutrition of the meat without worrying about spoilage or difficult preparation. Today, jerky is a delicious snack or meal packed with protein that provides long lasting energy. What’s better than a bag of flavorful steaks you can throw into a backpack, purse or car and enjoy as you travel, hunt, fish, or boat?

Branson Beef Jerky vs. Big Name Competitors:

When purchasing a bag of jerky from our competitors you get poor cuts of meat and a list of ingredients that you probably can't even read... Some of our competitors use ingredients made in a laboratory including synthetically produced preservatives . How can that be good for you? You shouldn’t need a lab coat and a glass beaker to make good jerky.

In addition, today, many jerky makers have abandoned the process of using quality marinades to save money on spices and ingredients. In fact, the most common industry practice is to spray on artificial flavors after cooking the meat in salt. But not at Branson Beef Jerky! We use only wholesome ingredients in our jerky. Read our label and taste our jerky – we challenge you to find a better jerky anywhere!

Get Your Bag of Gourmet Branson Beef Jerky Today!

Each 3 serving bag of Branson Beef Jerky contains 3 oz. of premium cut gourmet jerky. Our re-sealable jerky bags also come with a flosser/toothpick combo. We only use prime cuts of 100% American Hormone-Free USDA Certified Beef.

Grab some Branson Jerky today! And don’t forget to save some for later. Our Jerky has a shelf life of 12 months!

We use only 100% American Hormone-Free USDA Certified and Inspected Premium Beef.

  • No Preservatives

  • No added MSG

  • Low in fat

  • Hormone-antibiotic free

  • Made from tender strips of steak

                   USDA Certified Premium Beef Jerky

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